c languages:

C is a very powerful and widely used language.
c forms base for modern languages like Java and C++.

C programming language is used for developing system applications that forms a major portion of operating systems.
c based operating system which we commonlly used such as Windows, UNIX and Linux.

c is Middle Level languages:

Middle level languages don’t provide all the built-in functions found in high level languages,
but provides all building blocks that need to produce the result we want. Examples: C, C++

C is Structure oriented language:

In c language, large programs are divided into small programs called functions.
Priority is on functions and procedures that operate on the data
Data moves freely around the systems from one function to another function
Program structure follows “Top Down Approach”.
Examples: C, Pasca.

Use of c programming language:

Database systems
Graphics packages
Word processors
Operating system development
Compilers and Assemblers
Network drivers
Text Editors etc..

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