Multilevel inheritance:

when child class access properties of parent class and super class parent


//Parent class
class college{ 
   void bus(){
    System.out.println("It is compulsory");

//parent class --college
//child class--canteen
class canteen extends college{
  void food(){ 
   System.out.println("Nice food");  

class student extends canteen{
    void fees(){
	System.out.println("Pay before time");

	public static void  main(String args[]){
	  student s=new student();
	  s.bus();         //declare in college class;        //declare food() method in canteen class
	  s.fees();        //Declare fees() method in student class

IT is compulsory     //this is output come from  top parent class
Nice food            //this is coming from immidiate parent class
Pay before fees      //this is output come from child class


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